Advanced Headlight Bulb Installation

Yes, sometimes it is necessary to remove the bumper to replace the headlight bulbs. Often you'll need to take the push-pull pins out from the wheel well on the fender and multiple under the bumper. There are also some bolts involved not to mention pressure type fasteners which snap in on the sides of the bumper. These plastic pieces can become brittle over time and can break when detaching and reattaching the bumper. This is a big reason you see a lot of cars with dragging or popped out bumpers. It takes time and experience to make sure everything snaps back in place like it is supposed to. That is why we are here to help.

2U Automotive Accessories provides expert installation services for your new LED headlight bulbs. Need help installing a completely new headlight assembly for your car, truck or SUV? We have great rates available and if you purchase your products from us we discount the labor $5 off per hour.