Your fog lights help illuminate the road below and to the sides of where your low beams stop. They can help aid visibility in adverse whether especially in foggy conditions where your low and high beams can reflect light back in your face. Our stores carry a many different styles and sizes but our S8 series is one of our most popular and long lasting products. We cover all of our Front (Headlight) Lighting with a real 2 year guarantee. This means if the LED fails or is defective within a 24 month period we will send you a brand new set free of charge or upgrade you for the difference in price plus applicable shipping. About our store locations and hours: 2U Automotive offers our products in a display at various retail locations throughout Lubbock TX. These stores are: The Home Improvement Store 2323 66th St Tuesday through Saturday 9 - 5pm Xplosive Kustomz body shop 405 19th St Monday through Friday 9 - 6pm Saturday till Noon.

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